Hardware-in-the-Loop Testing

HILSTER allows you to create Hardware-in-the-Loop Testing and Software-in-the-Loop Testing based on Python in an easy and flexible way.

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Hardware-in-the-Loop Testing with HILSTER Test Bench

In today's times, the testing and quality assurance business is subject to increasingly more complex challenges. Flexibility and a quick adaptation to future test cases go hand in hand with cost optimization.

Do you seek a future proof solution that optimally supports your requirements? Does reducing the development time of your test environment, paired with tailor made individualized requirements interest you?

Digitalized Quality Assurance with HILSTER Test Bench software.


We customize the HILSTER Test Bench and you just start working.

Reduce the development time of your test environment.

Profit from our experience in designing and building customized test environments.

You call the shots and we deliver the optimal test environment.

Customization according to your wishes.


Test Stands

Test Stands by HILSTER offer high reliability and simple handling.

Customer specific requirements lay the foundation of our work, starting with the design all the way to the final build. Benefit from our many years of experience and efficiency in building test stands.

High reliability and simple handling: Test Stands by HILSTER.

Test bench

Managed Testing Services

With Managed Testing Services HILSTER offers a comprehensive solution for your test cases. We take care of all necessary steps to realize your test environment and execute the tests, creating space for you to work on other tasks.

Outsource your testing activities.

Managed testing services

Have we sparked your interest?

Then don't hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

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