The HILSTER Philosophy

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Our Philosophy

What HILSTER is about

HILSTER's goal is to advance the digitalization of the quality assurance of industrial products in Europe and beyond.

In times of globalization as well as time and cost pressure, HILSTER is a dependable partner for long lasting coorporation.

Our mission is to help companies achieve the best possible quality of their products, whilst also making them more competitive.

That is why our coorporate culture is based on the following 9 core values:


The HILSTER Culture


Our customers can fully rely on us. We carry every job to completion, while providing optimal results and delivering on time.


Our interdisciplinary team is very well trained and always working with the latest technologies.


We know that even small mistakes can have major consequences. This is why we work thoroughly to find every error and fix it.


We compartmentalize big problems until we get small managable problems that are easy to take care of. That is how we achieve high efficiency and realize optimal solutions.

Hands-on mentality

We tackle challenges and make progress instead of just discussing opinions on how to handle problems.


We treat our customers and colleagues with respect and appreciation. We consider a mutually supportive treatment on equal footing as the foundation of a successful and continued partership.


We are convinced that quality is achieved by the digitalization of quality assurance.

That is why our actions take aim at the digitalization of quality assurance processes.


We are open to new ideas and are capable of continual improvement of processes, services and products.

That is how we achieve innovation for the digitalization of quality assurance.


We press on where others quit. We continue to work on complex problems until we find a satisfactoy soltuion.