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The HILSTER Testing Framework (htf) is the ideal Tool for customized testing solutions. From test driven development to end-of-line tests in production, we realize your automated test systems – efficient and flexible!

Top 3 Advantages

  • Time- and Costsavings: Reduce your time to market and save on costs through automated testing solutions. Our customers have reduced their costs for quality assurance by 50 percent and more.
  • Riskminimization: Through well structured tests and automated test runs, errors can be found as quickly as possible and be eliminated.
  • Optimize your product quality: Maximize the quality of your products through a high test coverage, better testing abilities opposed to manually done tests and shorter times between test runs and inrease your customer sastifaction.


The following figure gives a first introduction where the HILSTER Testing Framework can be integrated into your development process.

Development process


You can achieve these advantages with htf:

Time and Cost

Through test automation with htf you can reduce your need for manual testing and your employees can focus their attention during test runs on other tasks. Furthermore htf reduces the — and shows errors as soon as possible. Tests can be repeated anytime with no additional costs. For non-commercial projects, like education, research or private use, htf is available for free and without support.

Transparency and Risk

htf guarantees a better plan and transparency in projects in contrast to previous test methods. By running tests multiple times, the test reports and their history enables you to continuously track requirements and the project progress.

A high test coverage and tamper-proof test reports will show your efforts during development and production.

Quality and Customer satisfaction

By ensuring a high test coverage and many test runs, htf allows you to develop products with the highest demand in safety- and quality regulations. Use our system for automated test runs and raise your product quality and in turn your customer satisfaction.

Training and Support

We offer customized trainings that we tailor to your projects needs and specifications. Through hands on training we ensure your employees knowledge base. After introducing htf, our team is available for continuous support if you encounter any problems.


With our validation-kit, oftentimes tedious workloads required for certification can be simplified. The validation-kit consists of signable validation-testreports and tests for htf with customized tests that you can employ yourself. This enables a mostly automatic validation, making the time-intensive manual validation obsolete.

Product Liability

With htf you get tamperproof test reports that ensure continuous tamper protection for your test results.


The software-subscription allows you to economically use the testframework without an initial investment. Regular updates are an essential part of the subcription model, which gives you the opportunity to always upgrade to the most current version.

A positive side-effect of our success: The knowledge we gain with different customers helps us grow htf and implement new ideas on a continuous basis.

An example with real life figures

Be convinced by one of our customer's success stories:

For a complex, real-time and safety-focused sensor system with approx. 3.000 requirements, our customer used to dedicate 12 employees over a time of 6 months to manual testing of the software, before every release. Hence, the cost of every system release was around 500.000 Euro.

The customer wished to reduce cost and decided to utilize the HILSTER Testing Framework.

With htf it was possible to automate all existing tests in just one year. The runtime of one execution is now below a single day! The cost reduction for every system relase since is 500.000 Euro.

Our customer then decided to use the HILSTER Testing Framework in parallel to the development process so that no costly manual tests are necessary since.

htf vs. in-house development

With htf, you choose a product that was built with a lot of know-how, countless hours spent in development, passion for excellence and a truly innovative spirit. htf is already used with success in a wide range of projects with divers requirements. Experience, analysis and feedback from those projects automatically flows back into htf. htf includes all tools, that are necessary for every project like a testrunner, testreports, IO-Hardware and so on. This stands in sharp contrast to the high cost of developing and maintaining one's own test environment.

Furthermore the verification of a self-developed tools is a tedious process that costs a lot of time. The path to an efficient and error free tool will not be without growing pains. It should also be noted that the development of testing tools is usually not the core competence of the company that wishes to employ them. It is very rare, that an in-house development is continued until a mature product is the outcome. Open source tools come with drawbacks such as lacking testreports and support. Furthermore open source tools only contain a fraction of the functionality that htf offers, so that a lot of components would have to be developed in-house.

Take the easier and cheaper path, tailored to your needs. Contact our experts: htf is the core competence of HILSTER.


With htf it is possible to realize end-to-end-tests across technologies, which is an additional unique feature of htf.

While there do exist testing tools for diferent technologies (e.g. GUI), those tools do not let you easily integrate them with each other.

htf enables you to unify technologies seemlessly with one another and do real end-to-end-testing.

For example it is possible to test the entire chain of functionality of a central control unit with a web frontend this way.


Our testing framework can be used for the development of the following systems and technologies amongst others:

  • Websites and web frontends
  • Devices in medical technology
  • Programmable logic controlers
  • Bussystems (CAN/CANopen, Ethernet, Modbus, HART, etc.)
  • Automotive-Systems
  • Mechatronical Systems
  • Sensor systems
  • Distributed, ethernet-based Systems
  • Portable gas measurement systems or gas warning centrals
  • Internet of Things
  • End-to-End-Tests, that incorporate many technologies
  • Software-in-the-Loop
  • Hardware-in-the-Loop
  • Model-in-the-Loop
  • System-in-the-Loop
  • semi-automatical, manual Tests

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htf vs. others

The HILSTER testing framework offers various advantages over it's competitors.

Feature HILSTER Testing Framework competitors
Implement tests in Python x
Manipulation proof test reports x
Validation Kit x
JIRA-Integration x
Versionable tests x
Usability in Continuous Integration x
Runs in Docker x
Abstraction of binary data x

Further Advantages

htf offers many additional advantages:>


htf is test automation done right! The efficient solution to all problems in testing which is developed by users for users. Every developer can develop tests and keep them in version control as they are used to. Furthermore the maintenance of tests is minimal.


htf is highly flexible in use and can easily be extended. HILSTER adapts htf to any customer specific requirements to create an efficient testing environment that is tailor made for your project. The tests are implemented in Python.

By the way: Since 2018 Python ranks third in the TIOBE-Ranking and thus is one of the most popular programming languages and the most widely used scripting language in the world!

Simple and Lean

Our htf system functions as a fully stocked tool box. You can tailor the used components to the needs of your project.

Development process

You can integrate htf seemlessly into your development processes. For example, test scripts are text files that can easily be maintained alongside the device software using a version control system like GIT, Subversion or Mercurial.


htf integrates JIRA. The advantage being that existing tickets can dynamically be attached to tests and the corresponding test reports so that there is no necessity anymore to reference tickets in the code.


Tests and testcases can be tagged. This way tests can conveniently and efficiently be selected using logical expressions. You spare yourself the time consuming task of maintaining lists of tests. Concretly this means that the cost of partitioning of test suites drops dramatically.


htf supports continuous integration systems like Jenkins or TeamCity. Tests can be executed automatically and test results are automatically collected and processed. This gets rid of all manual work in test execution.

The following graphic displays an example of an HTML test report that could also be used for continuous integration.

Test Report


Owing to the fact that htf also runs in Docker, there is no need for installation and updates of the software and testing in the cloud is made possible.

Semi-automatical, manual tests

There may be cases in which some test steps can not be automated with reasonable resources or where the number of test executions is very small.

In those cases it is possible to use interactive test steps, that guide the user.

The advantage being that the user does not have to execute all test steps manually. The test specifications can also be created as a Python script, which drastically increases reproducability compared to manual tests and improves the time needed for execution.

Data- und protocol abstraction

The oser module enables optimal abstraction of data stuctures. The tidy and readable display of data as well as the easy handling of complex data structures with the integrated possibility of fuzzing tests for communication interfaces and a generally low-maintenance data abstraction count among the advantages of htf.


Here you find the documentation.

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