What is Model-in-the-Loop?

Model-in-the-loop (MIL) is a simulation of an embedded system at the beginning of the product development process. Hereby whole systems or subsystems are emulated by software. Inputs and outputs to other parts of the system are stimulated physically.

With HILSTER TestBench, it is possible to create, maintain and execute flexible and automated Model-in-the-Loop tests.


  • Early test and verification possibilities, by simulating pyhsically non-existing subsystems
  • Reduction of development costs by simulating the actual field of application
  • Reduction of project risk by detecting and fixing errors as early as possible in the project
  • Improvement of the product quality by generating error conditions
  • Fast feedback loops through automated execution in a Continuous-Integration system (CI)
  • Changes to system requirements can be verified with little effort through small modifications to the tests
  • Tests can be reused easily