Managed Testing Services

Create space for yourself by outsourcing the digitalization of your quality assurance to us.

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Outsourcing of Digitalization of Quality Assurance

The HILSTER Managed Testing Service offers you an all-around package for the digitalization of your tests.

We take over all of the desired tasks, from: the design of a test environment, the construction of the test stand and the test development as well as regular maintanance.

Outsource your testing activity to experts that partner with you, with competence and reliability, relying on many years of experience.

We assist you in lowering your costs by providing efficient test execution and expertise in test automation.

Allow our experts to "find the bugs", before your customers do. Free up resources for your own product development and thus gain a head start in the market through innovation.


The Value we bring to our Customers

Time Saving

Create time for other tasks by outsourcing your tests.

Cost Reduction

Reduce your quality assurance costs through an efficient test execution without a training period.

Risk Mitigation

Our experts find the errors before the customer does.


What we offer

  • 1


    Together we develop a concept for the digitalization of the quality assurance of your project.

  • 2

    Realization of the Test Stand

    We develop a test stand and customize the HILSTER Test Bench to fit the requirements of your project.

  • 3

    Test Specification

    We create requirements according to your specifications that will be approved by you.

  • 4

    Realization of the Tests

    We create the tests for the HILSTER Test Bench according to the determined specifications

  • 5


    It is often beneficial to be able to let the tests run automatically. To this end a continuous integration system will be configured to execute all tests without further interaction. As many times as needed, without added costs.

  • 6


    All tests are executed as many times as possible. This way, even sporadicly occurring errors can be detected with a high probability.

  • 7


    Test results are regularly sent to the customer in the form of tamper-proof test reports .

  • 8


    If errors are uncovered, this is immediately communicated back to the customer.

  • 9


    If the requirements of the system change over time, we are there to take care of the maintanance as part of the Managed Testing Services.

Have we sparked your interest?

Then don't hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

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