Digitalized Quality Assurance with TestBench

HILSTER TestBench allows you to digitalize quality assurance processes for your industrial products. Once the tests are created, they run automatically, as often as required and at optimized cost.

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What HILSTER TestBench offers

HILSTER TestBench is a comprehensive, highly developed software system with a modular design. It can be used to develop individualized and automated test environments.

We achieve high degrees of flexibility regarding a seamless integration and implementation of HILSTER TestBench into the customer's test and quality assurance environment. We do this by way of a modular design of our software and a broad spectrum of interfaces.

HILSTER TestBench already supports your development process through tests even during development.

This happens via digitalized test procedures that can already be used during the developmental phase.

Seamlessly attached to this are the other testing layers, system tests and end-of-line tests in production. In this way, digitalization of quality assurance processes for industrial products is realized.


What our customers love about TestBench

Time Saving

TestBench vastly accelerates your development process. Instead of tedious manual testing, TestBench gets the job done in a fraction of the time.

Cost Reduction

Faster product cycles and free staff capacities create new synergies and achieve a tangible cost reduction for the project.

Risk Mitigation

TestBench brings you as close to the goal of a bug free end product as manual tests never could because of the test's repeatability.


  • Interactive Test Report

    TestBench comes with an intuitive and interactive test report that offers uncluttered visualizations of test results.

    Interaction and clear arrangement

    Thanks to the interactive overview you effortlessly get an understanding of the current test run. Hovering the cursor over a graphic element shows you specifics about the test result. From the design you can gauge the number of possible causes of error. Clicking on an element reveals an overview of the corresponding tests.

    Printing and Templates

    The test report can be printed or inserted into a template by copy-pasting the printing view.

    Seek and Find

    Using the simple or advanced search function lets you effortlessly find causes of error.


    It is possible to attach files to a report. Displayable attachments like pictures are displayed directly in the report. All attachments can be loaded from the report.

    A single file

    The entire test report consists of a single file. This eliminates the hassle when archiving or sending a report.

  • Project Dashboard

    Communication is an important key to success.
    Our Dashboard helps you to clarify timelines and acute challenges in testing.

    Test results overview
    Besides test results the test coverage is also presented.
    Test coverage overview
    The dashboard collects test results and stores them for each project. All test results are presented clearly, so you can get an idea of the project status at a glance. This facilitates management evaluations and provides management decision support.
    Current test results
    Current test coverage
    You can easily integrate other tools that generate JUnit-XML files. The dashboard creates facts for the project status.

  • Continuous improvements

    Our software is as dynamic as your company.
    HILSTER continuously works on innovative features and updates that provide you with a strategic advantage.

  • Modularly expandable and flexible

    Our software offers limitless possibilities.
    We develop tailor made extentions for every conceivable testing scenario.

  • Integrable in existing development processes

    Your success is our aspiration. That is why our software adapts to your development process.
    And not vice-versa.
    HILSTER TestBench offers interfaces to ticket systems and requirement management systems, among others.

  • Collaborative Testing

    Real teamwork pays off.
    Work agile in testing and collaborate in the creation and execution of test cases.

  • Interactive Tests

    Pushing the boundries of automation.
    TestBench even digitalizes tests that necessitate manual steps easily and reproducibly. A test report is generated automatically and does not have to be produced manually.

  • End-to-End-Tests

    Test your complete system, bridging technologies with a single tool.

  • Signed Reports

    We have your back, no matter what.
    The test results produced by TestBench are forgery-proof and usable in court.

  • More Features

    Realtime Tests (with external hardware), Requirement-Tracing, many communication interfaces, versionabilty, we allow you to work with the full history of your tests, Continuous Integration.

  • Documentation

    Here you find links to the documentations. HILSTER Testing Framework Documentation
Are you interested?

Use for free!

Use HILSTER TestBench for free with the community license. Please contact us for other licensing options.

Have we sparked your interest?

Then don't hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

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